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Improvisation isn’t just for actors. 

Viola Spolin’s improvisation method is used across multiple modalities including therapy, rehab centers, women’s groups, prisons, with future police officers, and Alan Alda’s Center for Communicating Science, to name just a few.
Why has Spolin's technique permeated industries that don't necessarily focus on performers? Because while improvisation was developed as an acting technique, it also organically enhances essential life and social skills such as: empathy, communication, listening and creativity. All through play, focus, and spontaneity in a nonjudgmental environment.
As a trained side-coach who studied under Aretha Sills, Viola’s granddaughter, I’m passionate about bringing the benefits of Spolin’s technique to as many people as possible.


Workshop players build these essential skills in a low stress environment: 

  • trust in their intuition/instincts

  • freedom of expression

  • individual creativity

  • creative group problem solving

  • community 

  • ease of collaboration

  • empathy

  • authentic listening

  • deeper connection

Workshops of any length can be tailored to just about any group, including: 


  • Non-profit organizations

  • Corporate teams

  • Mentoring groups

  • Creative non-actor groups

  • Theater companies

  • cast/ensemble of plays, TV shows, films

  • TV/Film sets

  • Acting classes/groups that don’t currently have improvisation available to them

Reach out. 

If you’re interested in bringing Viola Spolin’s revolutionary improvisation team building technique to your group, organization, or team, please reach out via to set up a free 20 minute consultation about your group’s needs and goals. I’d love to collaborate with you.

A few examples of recent collaborators below:

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Get in Touch

To inquire about enrollment and get on the mailing list, please email

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