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About Robin Dale Meyers

Call me a student of humanity. I’ve been fascinated with human behavior all my life, an interest that led me to study both psychology and theater in college and continues to shape my life today. That curiosity—and the empathy that grew out of it—helps me dig into the complexity of who we are as people, and extends to seeking similar answers within the pages of a script. 

These skills have led me to over 25 years of rewarding work as both an actress and a coach, and made it possible for me to teach acting at a Los Angeles studio for ten years. In that time, I was committed to encouraging working actors to dig deep into character work and let their uniqueness shine through. 

More recently, I became a student again, working with Aretha Sills, learning the theater games and improvisation technique taught by her grandmother, Viola Spolin (Improvisation For The Theater). Spolin’s revolutionary approach changed American theater and the way we teach acting by bringing play, focus, and spontaneity to the forefront. This technique had such a strong impact on me that in 2021, I took part in a teacher training program in order to bring it to a wider audience. Viola Spolin’s improvisation games seep into just about everything I do both as a coach and a person.

I believe this playful presence is key for all artists and I carry this with me as a coach at all times, alongside my curiosity and empathy. Whether you’re in a coaching session, audition, callback, table read, on set, or onstage, I see it all as playful collaboration. 

With each new student that joins my classes, and each new session with actors who have worked with me for a long time, I find there is always a way to be surprised, to grow, and to discover more about your craft as an actor and an artist. 

I look forward to collaborating with you soon.


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