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RDM Acting Studio believes you can maintain your commitment to play while also building and continuing a career. We do that together, discovering and honing the most effective process that will allow you to have fun, be authentic, and greet every performance with spontaneity and curiosity.


I ground a lot of my approach in the work of Viola Spolin and her ideas around artists as “players,” so you’ll hear me use that term often. Play is important for all people, but especially actors. 


Here's how we collaborate:



We slipped easily into moments of play as kids, and we still do it now. Everything from doodling to singing in the shower is a form of play. It’s a state of being that allows you to discover and welcome new ways of engaging with the world. We’ll work together so that you can call up that curiosity and openness and create spontaneously with your fellow actors.


The goal is to move you away from attempting to force an end result and instead guide you to trust your instincts and unique artistry.


When an artist plays full out, they are free, unencumbered, spontaneous, and confidently bring their full gifts to the character. If you have fun, the audience has fun, no matter the genre. This is that spark, that magic, that unnamable quality that makes people sit up and take notice.


In the words of Viola Spolin, “It’s not about what you produce. It’s about what happens to you.”



Knowing how to direct—and re-direct—your focus is a powerful skill that minimizes distraction and anxiety and maximizes your abilities and talents. It’s a sure fire way to keep you in the moment and enables you to keep the scene between you and your fellow player as the moment unfolds. 

There are an infinite number of ways to inhabit the creative process.


The “perfect” process is the one that works best for you. 


Every artist is inspired in their own unique ways and we all need different tools to help us bring a character to life.


My goal is for our collaboration—be it in class or in private coaching sessions— is to provide you with a wide variety of tools to pull from for both your prep and your performance. Let’s discover what makes the experience authentic and alive for you.

Experience and explore. 


Seeking experiences (not ideas) from the moment you first read the script to the moment they say “cut” or “thank you” opens you up to deeply explore various parts of the character and their life. 


Engaging in the moment this way is far more effective and fun than attempting to execute the “right” performance, which simply puts you in your head. Developing a process that lives in your body allows you to lean into a full, fluid, spontaneous experience of your range and abilities in your performance.



Collaboration is key.


I am a coach, collaborator, but most importantly, I’m a fellow player. We are working together along this wild, unexpected, and exciting creative journey. Together we explore the best way to get you where you need to go. 



Ready for anything, especially the unexpected.


Being able to handle the unexpected on set is a big part of the job. With confidence in yourself, your craft, and a playful approach, you are ready for anything. 


Whether you’re auditioning or you’re on set, being nimble and flexible in the face of the unexpected is the stamp of a pro. 

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