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Because I have grounded my work in the teachings of Viola Spolin, my goal is to offer you a preparation process that not only deepens your abilities, but is also fun and full of a sense of play. This process gives you a variety of options for finding the strategies that you know work for you, bringing out your unique artistry and freeing you up to fully explore for every single acting opportunity you get, from prep all the way through performance.

In our ongoing, monthly acting classes, you’ll get individualized coaching every week to help you discover the true depths of your talents. 

Our small, collaborative community makes it easy to take risks, play full out, and support each other on our creative journeys. Plus, we have a blast!

In every class, every month you will:

+     Work on camera in every class and be taped at least once in every four week session. 

+     Choose your own scenes. What stories interest you? How do you want to challenge yourself this week? (You can also request to be assigned a scene.)

+     Have access to a community-created Google Drive with current scenes and scripts to pull from for our classes.  

+     Get highly individualized attention in every class. 

+     Build creative tools and practice them so you can confidently pull what you need from that toolbox at anytime, anywhere (audition, table read, set, stage).

+     Learn how to get very specific and deepen your emotional accessibility.

+     Learn how to give yourself objective, not critical, feedback. (Yes, such a thing exists and it is bliss!)

+     Be a part of a collaborative community every month - a place where we celebrate each other’s journeys.

Class Structure:

Week 1: 

We all do the same cold read. Through a playful, guided exploration, we’ll try different creative tools to build out your preparation process and see what sticks. 

One take on camera with feedback.

Weeks 2 and 3:

These weeks are for warm reads, so you prep on your own prior to class. You can choose your own scene or request a suggestion from me. 

Two takes on camera with feedback. Individual coaching for a second take. Additional creative tools may be introduced. 

Week 4:

Industry/Callback Week. The class is run like an in person audition or an on set experience. You bring back one of the scenes you’ve done that month. No guidance or coaching; you’re on your own! Step up and play!

One recorded take on camera. Playback with feedback.


$375 for four weeks

Mondays on Zoom.

Tuesdays in person: 

Lounge On Melrose
7551 Melrose Ave
LA, CA 90046

Please check the Schedule page for upcoming monthly sessions.

Still have questions? I have answers! See the FAQ page or email me. 

“Being in Robin’s class is like stepping back into an arcade after years of battling adulthood; she reawakens that inner-child in you, inviting you to play in fun and challenging ways! Robin has provided me with the most practical tools useful for on-set work and auditioning.” 

David De La Barcena

“I’ve been acting for a long time and recently found myself with an emotional block that kept me from connecting with the scene/my partner/the characters I was portraying. And then I met Robin. Her gift is the ability to open you up and help you tap into that deep well of emotion. Robin will have you truly playing again.” 

Winston Marshall

“Robin has given me the tools to get deeper into the minds of characters, relate to them on an incredibly human level, and to live their life honestly. I now feel incredibly confident going into the audition and my booking ratio has gone WAY up. Most importantly, I ENJOY the work of creating, imagining, and playing. When it comes to acting, Robin will help you make it real”

Bryce J Ramos

“In Robin’s class I feel free to play and explore in a very encouraging environment. I’ve learned so many useful tools that I can put in my acting tool box but more importantly, I’m starting to have fun again.”​

Tabitha Tao

Robin taught me how to play full out, take risks and get out of my own head. Now I’m fully present instead of worrying about how I look or whether my acting is believable. Her class is pure joy.”

Brooke Feldman

Robin’s class is transformative and SO FUN! It was a gift to be treated as a co-creator while exploring her guided practices of script analysis and play. Working in the compassionate, curious space she creates has made me a more nimble, perceptive, confident, and joyful actor.

Krysta Gonzales

“Having the chance to explore in Robin’s class has been an amazing experience. It’s so nice to have a safe place to let loose and learn. I can honestly say I am growing in skill and confidence!

Kassy Mahea

Working with Robin has opened up a freeness in my acting. She has created a playful and collaborative space and it is an absolute joy.  I will always carry with me, “don’t make it right, make it real!”

Drew Hinckley

“Since collaborating with Robin, I’ve felt a stronger connection to freedom by exploring and using all of my body. Expressing as my whole self and loving that creative process.

Devielle Johnson

“Robin is extremely respectful of the actors she works with. In her class I am able to be totally in the moment and I enjoy being free to play.”

Giuseppe Russo

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