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As a Guest Artist invited into your studio, classroom or community, I create fun, low-stress, non-judgmental workshops that help your artists dig deep, trust their instincts and lean into spontaneity. 


I offer both Acting Master Classes and Improvisation Workshops.


The Acting Master Classes are designed to encourage each artist to explore a variety of tools to find what creative process works best for them and also lights them up. These workshops use a fresh, playful, improvisation-infused approach to the craft. Students walk away with a deeper sense of their artistic self and an excitement about the journey from preparation to performance. (More info on Acting Classes here.)


Improvisation Workshops are based in Viola Spolin’s revolutionary improvisation technique, which releases the artist’s full intuition and instinct through play, focus and spontaneity. Designed to calm the nervous system and ignite connection, artists often leave these workshops feeling giddy, more invested in collaboration, and empowered creatively. (More info on Improvisation Workshops here.) (More on Viola Spolin and the Real History Of Improvisation, here.)


Looking for Team Building workshops for groups/organizations of any size? Look here. 

Reach out. 

If you’re interested in bringing Acting Master Classes or Improvisation Workshops to your studio, classroom, or community, please reach out via to set up a free 20 minute consultation about your group’s needs and goals. I’d love to collaborate with you.

A few examples of recent collaborators below:


Get in Touch

To inquire about enrollment and get on the mailing list, please email

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