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A musician improvises within the song. A dancer improvises within the music. And actors improvise within a scene, be it scripted or not. 


All of these artists are creatively responding in the moment to the environment and with their fellow artists. And from that, something new, spontaneous, and exciting emerges.


That is the root of improvisation…the freedom to play within the art form, with collaborators, and without forcing specific results.


Viola Spolin’s improvisation games are an acting technique that releases your full intuition and artistry through play, focus, and spontaneity. These workshops will deepen every aspect of your creative journey and career, including scripted work.  


In these workshops, you’ll learn how to: 


  • reignite your sense of spontaneity

  • trust your instincts/intuition 

  • let go of trying to “do” something “right” or “funny,” and let the moment happen to you instead

  • take creative risks

  • build confidence in your process and performance

  • connect more authentically

  • tap into your unique, natural talent

  • become a strong, versatile, artist ready for anything

  • be a more confident collaborator

  • be more present and playful, onstage/camera and off

  • have a ton of fun


Why Viola Spolin? 


In short, Viola Spolin created the acting technique of improvisation. Her games were designed to release actors fearlessly into their unique creativity and instincts, while engaging fully with their fellow players, the world around them and the magic of the present moment. (Comedy improv developed much later. Find out more about The Real History Of Improvisation.)


Additionally, because these improvisational games enhance life, social, and creative skills, the workshops are appropriate for all humans, not just actors. So all are welcome. 


Why me?


Because I believe so deeply in this work, I chose to train extensively in Viola’s games and philosophy. Her granddaughter, Aretha Sills, passionately carries on Viola’s work and I have had the opportunity to learn this technique from her directly. As a result, I am in my absolute bliss leading these workshops!


Let’s play!


Well suited for new and returning players. 
Every student plays multiple times in every class.

Six Week Workshop

Deep dive into Viola Spolin's revolutionary acting technique. 

PRICE:    $450  for the 6 week workshop

Payment plans are available.

Day Of Play!  - One day workshop

For adults who are need a break from adulting.

Most adults have forgotten how to play. We’re taught that “goofing off” is irresponsible and unproductive. BUT…the thing is, play has been proven to be essential for emotional, physical, and spiritual balance And that balance, in fact, helps us show up more fully and effectively when we do need to be adulting. Plus, play is just….fun! Remember fun?


Join us to recharge from adulting burnout through three hours of pure play. Just Spolin-based games and exercises (no formal scene work) to help you blow off steam, reignite your imagination and find your balance again.


You will leave this one day workshop feeling lighter, freer, and like you’ve been on vacation from all your worries. Side effects include: giddiness, relaxed muscles, a heightened sense of connection, and new friends. 

PRICE:    $75

Please see the Schedule page for upcoming workshops.

“Because of Robin’s Viola Spolin Improvisation Workshop, I see a difference in my self tapes. I’m more free, less in my head, letting go of “nailing it,” having fun, being creative and spontaneous. I’m proud of my work again.

Shalini Bathina 

“I was concerned that I had to be witty or funny to do improvisation well. Instead, with Robin side coaching Viola’s games, I found that the exploration process itself is the most important. I’ve never felt more free and out of my head.

Enisha Brewster 

“After years of using a goal-oriented and analytical approach to roles, Viola Spolin’s approach of judgement free play was revolutionary for me. I trust my instincts again. These games, and Robin’s workshops, will continue to be a regular part of my acting training.

Cooper Rowe 

“This workshop is unlike any other acting class or workshop I’ve ever taken.  You really have the opportunity to explore and play!  There is no RIGHT or WRONG way… further allowing your artistic walls to break down and your creative mind to OPEN UP. This workshop helped me get out of my head and stop overanalyzing the creative process.

Amanda Joy Erickson 

“Robin created an imaginative workshop where actors leave all inhibition at the door and let their creativity fly. Each actor’s unique energy is honored, and then we all came together to truly play, authentically. Improvisation with collaboration, imagination, and PUREPLAY. ” 

Alyssa Spear 

“A fun, engaging, creative connection to the body, spiritually and physically. The focus is on play and connection to your environment and your partner(s.) A unique way to discover more about one’s self.

Devielle Johnson 

“Robin gives each person permission to exist fully as they are. Her own passion encourages the class to dive in fully and fosters an incredible sense of play, free from inhibitions or the need to do it “right.” This class truly is free of judgments… we become like a troop – all in this together – growing, exploring, expressing, playing, and learning to just be IS indeed enough.

Juliana Sloan 

“This workshop was pure creative joy! It allows you to free yourself of any excess chatter in your head that judges or censors your instincts. It playfully pushed me to be fully in the moment which is the most blissful and exciting place to be. Like a 6-week meditation, but with more laughs!

Holly Bodimeade 

“This workshop was all sorts of fun! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to work out their imagination and play. Robin kept class so engaging with all sorts of different games. I had a blast and will definitely be back for the next round!” 

Sam Hirschmann 

Therapeutic and playful exploration in a stress free and judge free environment.” 

Adam Casillas 

“The workshop is a fun exploration on what makes us unique, how to find connection in any situation, and always remembering to play. The side coaching helped me explore more just when I thought I’d reached my limit. Absolutely recommend!” 

Brett Hamby 

“Robin’s Viola Spolin Workshop is unlike any other. It has helped me find the fun that I had been missing in my acting. I’m more relaxed in my own body now, which helps me be confident when I perform. I would definitely take the workshop again and recommend it to others.” 

Jessica Cruz 

“The workshop reminded me how to play and to not take myself too seriously. Love taking risks, trying new things, and that there is no right or wrong. It was fun, engaging, relaxing, explorative, and insightful.”

Tabitha Tao

“Robin’s Viola Spolin Improvisation Workshop helped liberate the restraints I had place on my imagination from a fear of rejection. It was fun to create with others and explore their creations.” 

Annie To

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