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Let's collaborate.

When you work with RDM Studio you have power over your creative journey, learn to prepare rather than plan, and deliver performances that are real for both you and your audience.  How? 

We learn by doing. You do, and so do I, and knowing that has helped me develop a truly collaborative experience.

Acting classes are small so everyone works once or twice during every class. Through exercises, explorations, and adjustments, you will find what works best for you. 

The tools I share with you come from my own experience as an actor, as well as many years of collaborations with clients and students. My list of possibilities is always growing and changing, as I’m often inspired by clients who share pieces of their process with me.

Improvisation workshops are small as well, so people play multiple times in each class, building trust in their own instincts, the process, and the ability to be spontaneous.


Working on my own—instead of for a larger studio—allows me to be flexible and creative in what I offer and how I collaborate. I have the room to fully respond to the needs of our community, shaping the classes and workshops so they help you to step into your full artistic potential.

Get in Touch

To inquire about enrollment and get on the mailing list, please email

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